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International Training week 2010

Training week, Playa de Aro 2010/ 19th -25th April.
Meeting point: Institute Lone Sorensen
Departure from Barcelona: 2.00 pm the 19th of April
Arrive back to Barcelona: 1.00 pm the 25th of April

Price for students 795 Euros each
Included apartment (2 students in 1 apartment o family in same apartment max 3 persons)
Included bus transport from Barcelona to Playa de Aro and back to Barcelona
Included Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Included all workshops
Price for family/friends 550 Euros each

1- How to correct posture of teeth with Facial Reflexology
2- Tibet neck treatment- an additional treatment who help pain in the whole body
3- Special facial treatment for thyroid problems
4- Children and ADHD
5- How to treat 5 types of depression with Facial Reflexology
-and practice of Eye treatment

Deposit: 250 Euros
Rest payment: 545,00 Euro latest the 15th of Feb 2010
Single apartment additional payment: 200, 00 Euros
Children up to 2 years do not pay
Children from 3 to 12, ½ prices
Payment to: www.lonesorensen.com
Bank: BBVA ADRESSE: GUIZPUSCOA 110, 08020 BARCELONA, SPAIN IBAN: ES88 0182 1029 6102 0851 5694 SWIFT: BBVAESMMXXX Accountholder: IRFI de Lone Sorensen SL

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