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Do you wish to work with handicapped children? Then this education is the right choice for you. Now we can offer a course concerning this exciting education. In order for you to be eligible to get a certification in this therapy it is a must that you are a certified “Face Reflexology Therapist” or you are going through that education at the moment. Besides you have to go through the first module of “Praxis Vertebralis” before you end this education.

The subjects taught during this course are:
The functions and the anatomy of the human brain. The physical, motor and psychological consequences of brain damage. Children born with brain damage. Acquired brain damage. Neurological syndromes seen in the practice. Autism. Post traumatic damage. Mental illnesses in children. The way to analyse step by step creation of a work plan methodology.

The way to build up a treatment with:
Foot Neuro-reflexology. Facial Reflexology Hand Neuro-reflexology. Applied brain gym techniques. Body stimulation. Homeopathic treatment for heavy metal poisoning and intoxications with diverse drugs. Nutrition for brain damage patients, syndromes, autism, among others. Pedagogic Method for teaching parents.
The basis of this education are theory and practice. Analysis, treatment planning, methodology, program for teaching parents. During this education it is possible to work with children and analyse different diseases and disabilities. The education is taught in English, Spanish and Danish. It lasts two years and five different intensive modules are seen during this time. Each module lasts six (or 5) days. The courses are taught in Barcelona, Spain. The course ends with an oral, written and practical exam. The cost of the whole course is of 4400 Euro. This is paid in instalments:

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